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Everything we do asserts our belief in the immense power of the younger generation. We believe that we are the future. We believe that this journey we're on demands the best of our abilities. We believe in following our passion and driving change. We believe we can do this by equipping ourselves with vital out- of- the- classroom skills that will enable us to win in the workplace- both as entrepreneurs and employees. This is where we share, learn and grow into a movement. Seasoned Workforce.


“Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.”

~Seneca the Younger


Happy new year!
I hope that we're all geared up for this professional year. I have lots of great content lined up and i'm quite excited to share it.


There couldn't have been a better time for us to share this soul food! Simon Sinek is an exceptional business coach, whose advice I have often translated into my own personal endeavours as a young professional. In the video above, he discusses the sticky issue of Millennials in the Workplace. My mentor shared this with me and it couldn't have come at a better time. Take a minute to listen keenly. The insights shared are very eye-opening! I will follow up with an article about it soon!