Introduction to Seasoned Workforce

Welcome to Seasoned Workforce! I came up with this online platform after reading the book “Youth Unemployment in Kenya- A ticking time-bomb” which I would recommend to anyone below the age of 35- unemployed or otherwise. I realized that there are numerous challenges we face as youth in the local labour market and in our continent-Africa as a whole. These challenges disadvantage us greatly when it comes to joining the workforce. Being a continent of 70% youth population, this is quite dangerous!

The good news is that some of these challenges are not government or policy problems that need to be solved at a high level. They are simple issues that we can control and alter to better our chances of survival in the workplace both as employees and as entrepreneurs! Some problems actually emanate from pure lack of knowledge!

While I admit that I can not single-handedly solve these challenges, I felt that there was something small I could contribute-maybe advice based on my own experiences,maybe create a forum where we could brainstorm and discuss such matters…for now, the possibilities are limitless!

“A stone is broken by the last stroke of a hammer. This doesn’t mean that the first stroke is useless!”

In the fight to ending youth unemployment in Africa, here goes my first stroke!


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