Networking- Part 1

When I think about winning through networking, the first person that comes to mind is Dr. Chris Kirubi! He has perfected the art of building and developing personal relationships intentionally and with a clear purpose in mind. If you visit his column on Ask Krubi, you will find that he has quite a lot to share on how to go about networking.

As a young student, graduate or job-seeker, you will probably have had much less interaction with networking or not! Either way, I would love to hear all about it.

In this first segment, I will introduce you to the concept of networking as well as the two things you must DO NOW to begin your killer networking journey. I assume that by now you have defined your values, strengths and interests from our previous post. This should help you get a clear understanding of yourself and what you are looking to gain from your interactions.

Networking can either be active or passive, in my opinion-which is heavily borrowed from engineering literature. Active networking refers to interactions that require you to be physically present and engaged. As a newbie, this can be overwhelming but it gets really smooth with experience.

Passive networking, which is where we are going to begin is rather laid back and does not require your physical presence-for example; via social media. My biggest avenue for passive networking-professionally is LinkedIn. Which brings us to our big question, Are you on LinkedIn? 

If your answer to the above is no, then you already have your first task- CREATE A LINKEDIN ACCOUNT. It’s actually pretty simple unlike what many of us may think. Remember how no-one taught you to operate you Facebook and Instagram accounts?…The same formula applies here.

Task #2 is to UPDATE YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE. This also applies to those who already have accounts but have neglected them for a while. I was in that category for a couple of years! Updating your profile will take you some time but you will find that it is rather rewarding in the long-run. Carefully select a professional profile picture, insert all your academic qualifications, work experience, volunteer work and internships, interests and achievements detailing the key points where necessary…and of course, don’t forget to reach out to me if you encounter any trouble!

See you in the next part of our networking series!



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