Networking Part II

In our previous post, we introduced networking as an essential part of career development and staying relevant in the game. In this second series, we will share some insights on active networking and discuss why you must develop good networking practices as a young professional.

This kind of networking involves talking to people (In its most basic sense). Social and professional events such as workshops, conferences, exhibitions and networking receptions and sometimes even graduation parties and weddings all make very prime hunting ground for networks!

So how does one start? This is normally the most difficult part!…but that is why i’m here.I am going to let you in on a little secret known as Eventbrite! Would you believe it if I told you that on August 2nd 2016,there were over 40 events posted on this website- set to take place within Nairobi, in the month of August alone!Would you believe that these events are free of charge to attend?

All you need is to sign up and show up! It really is that simple. Would you believe that all these and many other opportunities have existed for years, and have just been at our disposal. The events range from film and art festivals,training events, incubation for start-ups, Conferences, among many others! Basically, no matter what your interests are, there is a way that you can get out there (over the next 30 days) and meet and interact with people in your field, and who knows? That may be your next boss, or future client, better yet, business partner!

The days of sitting at home and sending out batch CVs are long gone.Today, you have to be visible. You have to know people. You have to be well informed on the trends and developments in your area of expertise! You have to invest in soft skills like public speaking, negotiation and be well networked. This is a nice place to start!

So set a target, of how many networking events you will attend this month. Head over to Eventbrite and sign up!

Then look out for my next post in which I will share a few tips on How to Prepare for a Networking Event!

Happy new month!





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