5 things that you will gain through networking

I have discussed the initial steps that one can take when beginning to network over the past few weeks in our posts. They have been broken down into simple, doable steps. I would love to hear how you are all doing and the challenges you have encountered so far. A young lady wrote to me asking for some tips and pointers on attending networking events as it can be a little overwhelming! I will be sure to keep you posted on the outcomes!

Meanwhile, I have compiled a short list of things that you will gain through networking after speaking to a few people! Feel free to share more from your own personal experiences.

1. Information and Ideas

Networking is one way of gaining information on the developments in one’s industry. By speaking to relevant individuals-you will be in a position to get numerous details on the ongoing activities and future plans. Great conversation is a perfect eye opener as well as a motivator! Networking is one of the sure ways of gaining ideas and new perspectives.

2. Professional and Business contacts

It is often a daunting task to gain access to key contact persons when an urgent need comes up. Networking allows you to steadily invest in these human relationships in a way that provides great social capital. One is able to meet, interact with and retain key professional and business contacts

3. Mentors

Networking will give you access to mentors. These are individuals who are seasoned, and experienced. They are therefore able to provide advice and guidance owing to their rich experience.

4. References          

I have had a chance to look over some CVs for a few friends. The first thing that I normally look at is one’s references and their relevance to the specific job or industry that they are applying to. Killer referees are high-level, experienced professionals in that specific field you are applying to. They should know you at a personal level which enables them to recommend or vouch for you. In a country where we are battling immense unemployment, how else can we access such individuals besides through networking?

 5. Employment

I came across this interesting article by one of the country’s top recruiters today! It affirms my belief in the power of using your network when undertaking a job search. He elaborates on how useful your LinkedIn profile can be in securing you your next interview.


I hope that through actively networking, you will be able to reap these benefits and much more!


See you in the next post as we discuss ways in which we can beat joblessness.


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