Three reasons why you are still unemployed

Unemployment is a hard-biting issue that can be linked to so many challenges in society. When it comes to tackling issues like being unable to secure a job, there’s no such thing as luck. You must be ready to go the whole 9 yards and ensure that you really are the best out there.

There could be several reasons why securing employment has been difficult for you- some of which are entirely in your control. Below I have discussed three major ones while giving some recommendations on how to tackle them.

  • Your skills do not match the kind of job you seek. You are therefore under-qualified.

This is a huge challenge that is mostly faced by the younger generation of professionals. We possess the notion that the education we have acquired in our higher learning is somehow sufficient to sustain us in the workforce. We expect the jobs to be lined up with the course content of what we learnt in school. The reality is always contrary.

In the workplace, you will realize that there is an emphasis on soft skills and other characteristics that are not necessarily taught in class. Therefore, give a little more focus on skills such as communication, planning, report writing, negotiation and critical thinking. These can be developed through free online courses and of course networking!

  • You rarely network and so you lack a powerful contact base.

If our main line of attack is a traditional CV delivered in hard copy or through online applications and your references are all academic and are quite outdated as well- this could be the reason no employer has called you back. It is a clear indication of a poor networking ethic. This means that you have not built key relationships and connections with individuals within your field of expertise.

The value of networking cannot be emphasized enough. I have discussed the benefits of networking as well as how to go about it in much detail here.

  • You have no work experience and no volunteering experience.

In other words, for the two or three years you have been tarmacking, no additional content has gone into your CV. You therefore have a big experience gap.

Now before you give me a long speech about how difficult it has been to secure a job, let me point you to a direction that you may not have really been considering. It is called Volunteering. Volunteering means simply offering your skills at no monetary cost but instead, payment is in the form of a letter of recommendation and work experience.

I have repeatedly heard the jobseeeker’s joke about employers putting out job adverts seeking to recruit a :23 year old graduate with 10 years work experience”. Well, though this-10 years- may be a bit exaggerated, I actually graduated at 23 with my first degree while possessing 2 years of work experience. Had it not been for volunteering and internships, of course no employer would have hired a 3rd year project assistant.

The impact volunteering and unpaid internships make on your CV  as a young professional is immense. I would recommend that you embark on this immediately if you are currently unemployed.

Do not wait to hear about internship positions being advertised as they rarely ever do. Identify a company of interest, prepare your CV and Cover letter through in depth research on the company’s activities and simply walk into their offices. Give them a value proposition and ask them to give you the chance to serve them AT NO COST! If you try this consistently enough, you are bound to get a yes within no time.

As I conclude, I hope this post will enlighten you a little bit more regarding how to tackle unemployment. As we progress, you will realize that it is something that is almost entirely within our control.

I wish you all the best as you correct the three mistakes above!





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