Who am I? In three easy steps

This is an unusual question which we seldom ask ourselves. We assume that it is an obvious fact yet on taking a closer look, there is quite a lot we are yet to learn about ourselves.

For any young person, it is crucial to answer this question as often as possible. This will ensure that whichever path of survival you choose to take matches up to the qualities you have to offer. So, let’s dive a little deeper into knowing Who you are!

When it comes to being a professional in the workforce (In this case workforce is used to refer one who engages in work-self-employed or otherwise in order to sustain and improve their livelihood), I would group young individuals into three broad categories…

The Innovator

You are a patient researcher who enjoys fresh thinking. You often try out new things that are completely out of the box-often asking the question-What if? You have a strong personal drive and much patience. Though you like to explore the undiscovered territory, you thrive on structure and certainty of your actions.

The Entrepreneur

You are a creative quick-thinker who comes up with solutions to problems. You are also quite competitive and a natural leader altogether. You thrive on taking calculated risks and following your instincts. This makes you very flexible. Your high appetite for risk also shows that you are not afraid to fail.

The Career Builder

You are hard-working and intelligent. This enables you to do your job really well. You constantly challenge yourself and learn. You are culturally fit which makes you adaptable in different situations as well as among your co-workers. You are also confident and have impeccable communication skills.

I hope that this will serve as a great foundation for the journey ahead. I would like to hear from you on which general category is most linked to your personality.

Stay tuned!



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