Millenials in the Workplace



“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”
Groucho Marx

This post is a reaction to Simon Sinek’s brilliant piece! It has been on display on our homepage for a few weeks now and I hope that you’ve had a chance to watch it.

Millennials- individuals born after the late 80’s- have experienced unique reactions from the workplace. Of course, some of these reactions have been positive and others negative. This tech savvy lot of liberal risk-takers has been responsible for large leaps in technology and other game changing solutions.They have also been praised for their ability to adapt to change rapidly but this has come at a great compromise. The speed that technology has introduced to service delivery- and life in general- has cost millennials’ their ability to delay gratification and pursue fulfilment in the workplace. Simon Sinek refers to it as “Institutionalized impatience”.

The role of social media is also a topic that came out strongly. The piece really reveals credible facts about the addictive characteristic of social media and how it can hamper human interactions, leaving them unable to form deep and meaningful relationships. These relationships are also the building blocks of one’s professional life.

Personal interaction is how active networking essentially takes place. Millennials must therefore take great caution when allocating their time. Fortunately, there are numerous constructive ways in which one can utilize the internet’s wealth of information. The next time you are online, ask yourself how much insightful content you exposed yourself to.

Let us be critical of how we spend our precious time. Let us strive to be avid consumers of quality knowledge. Let us invest in our intellectual fitness, because I am yet to meet a successful individual who does not have proper reading habits.

A few of the web resources that I would personally recommend as substitutes for social media hours online are;

  • TED Talks– They will inspire and tech you the most interesting things!
  • Liz Ryan, Human Workplace– She is a brilliant author on Forbes, and gives impeccable career advice in her articles.
  • Paul Minors– His library of free book summaries is worth a fortune intellectually!
  • Seasoned Workforce– Because after all this, you’ll want to change the world! And I’ll have more interesting ideas on how to! Also look out for our brand new segment, Open Innovation Challenge!


Enjoy, learn, grow!

Also share and comment if you have any other interesting resources that you feel should be added onto our list!




Seasoned Workforce.


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