Open Innovation Challenge 001

The Entrepreneurship Scene In Kenya

Date of Issue: 16th March 2017

Cash-prize: KES 1,500

Word Limit: 400- 600 Words

The entrepreneurship scene in Kenya has had tremendous development both in the tech, fashion, agribusiness and services sectors over the recent years. Some of this success has been attributed to the rising numbers of unemployed youth who have been pushed to become innovators and ordinary individuals who have addressed specific problems by providing specific solutions.

In this first challenge, your task will be to identify one start-up enterprise in Kenya which you find the most innovative. This may be judged based on the novelty of their offering (product or service), an invention or any other justifiable parameters.

You will be expected to critically examine the start-up of choice in terms of their past, ongoing and planned activities clearly showing why you think it has high potential. You are allowed to be as creative as you wish by analyzing both the opportunities as well as some of the risks and challenges that the start-up should look out for.

Some of the key details that we will require in your response as you examine the start-up of choice are;

  1. Name of start-up.

  2. The team (Expertise, mix of skills, passion etc)

  3. The offering made by the firm (Technology, product/ service)

  4. Unique/ distinguishing capability (What sets it apart from competition?)

  5. The sector potential.

  6. Available and projected market and location.

Indicate any assumptions made and include the sources (interview, website, articles, news and journals etc) used for reference purposes.


Participation guidelines:

Please note that this challenge is more practical than theoretical. You are therefore required to describe a real life innovative start-up in Kenya that you know or after carrying out research.

The key details will also need to be real and factual supported by the sources (references) used to gather the data (Website/email/news article etc). You can also use trusted business literature sources to support your argument as to why you think the start-up is innovative (I personally recommend Business Daily, All, Harvard Business Review, The Economist, Wallstreet Journal, Forbes etc). Critically examine your argument and again, be creative.

Send your response to as an attached word document or PDF with an email subject  Innovation Challenge 001.



Seasoned Workforce.



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